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EUC Showcase Keynote – VMworld 2017


Are you following Eduardo Molina, @molikop, on Twitter? Stay up to date on all things virtual, EUC, and most importantly VMworld 2017. Mr.Molina is one of the many that enjoy microblogging at tech conventions, but is one of the few that leaves the bullsh#t at the door.

Yesterday Eduardo attended the second VMworld keynote, mainly presented by VMware's CTO of End-User Computing, Shawn Bass and Senior VP, . The keynote is meant to showcase the advancements in End-User Compute.

The crowd was excitement to see Mr.Bass leading the EUC Showcase. Shawn carries a lot of clout among Citrix and Microsoft user groups and has unknowingly contributed to the very manifesto that many of today's user groups and engineers abide by; sharing, collaborating, and ultimately helping humans embrace technology.

That’s exactly the point of Shawn’s division at VMware and the opening video of the EUC showcase validates his message. Technology can do amazing things but relies on people to wield it and the future is very much human.

Read Eduardo’s full take on the keynote and follow him on Twitter for updates on exciting announcements from VMworld - http://molikop.com/2017/08/vmworld-euc-showcase-keynote/



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