Effective Security through Network Virtualization

Any effective security strategy needs to handle issues of both network entry and containment of east/west unauthorized traffic.
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Weight Watchers for Business

Many of you face the email jail & overload that makes you juggle life all day long & often times you never feel like you got anything done that you had planned.
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The Grand Showcase at RoundTower

Recently held a grand showcase, celebrating their relocation into a new and more sophisticated office and lab space in the Tower at the Kenwood Collection.
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Cut the Noise: All Things vRealize Automation (LIVE from VMworld)

Gregg Robertson, Global Cloud Architect, from Dell-EMC and Sam McGeown, Lead Consultant, from Xtravirt, join us to discuss all things vRealize Automation.
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DATA ANALYTICS FOR THE ENTERPRISE PART 2: Machine Learning and Driving Business Outcomes

Part 2: Data analytics is advancing towards regular enterprise, and machine learning is leading the way.
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Data Center Agility and Disaster Recovery in a Nimble Business Environment

For those trying to meet the needs of today’s fast-paced business but are trying to do it the traditional way, there is only one thing to say—good luck!
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Predicting the highest-yielding corn seeds from more than 30,000 genetic possibilities

Companies generate more data than they can assimilate themselves. Leaving them overloaded and unsure of where to put their attention to obtain the best results.
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Data Analytics for the Enterprise: Providing Turn-Key Solutions

A major shift in the target market for analytics. Significant focus has been placed on the areas of finance, manufacturing, healthcare, and biotechnology.
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Python Scripting for Network Engineers

Have you, as an IT Pro, ever had an annoying, repetitive network task to perform? Then Python might be the answer for you.
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We've moved! Check out our new HQ office at the Kenwood Tower

It's official, we are up and running in our brand new office space! Schedule a tour of our beautiful new facility located on the third floor of the Kenwood Tower at 5905 E Galbraith Rd, Cincinnati.