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Cut the Noise Q2 Recap: Bringing the Cloud Down To Earth


We asked, you spoke, we listened…

Per request, our Q2 session was focused on the cloud. How to make the cloud real and useful.

Specifically, we discussed cloud-native platforms, practical applications, and capturing realized value.

  • Lessons learned from practical application of IaaS
  • The 411 on transitioning from IaaS to PaaS
  • Realizing the value of IaaS with DevOps
Discover how the power of emerging technologies drives the intense, unrelenting pace of business today. Join the call for a deeper understanding of the opportunities they present to your business.


Andre Wu,
Sr. Director of Emerging Technologies

As the Senior Director of Emerging Technologies, Andre Wu brings over 20 years of experience in leading the services and solution areas of Cloud, DevOps, Big Data and IT Operations Management for RoundTower Technologies (“RTT”).

Andre joins RTT after spending 5 years with VCE, where he was responsible for a number of key initiatives during it’s rapid ascent as the leader of converged infrastructure. As the Snr Dir for VCE’s Cloud Services practice, he lead a global team which provided consulting and systems integration services for enterprises and services providers to implement and adopt IaaS and PaaS platforms. Andre also led Product Management across services and solution engineering for pre-engineered automation and X-aaS architectures delivered through agile methodologies. Finally, he was responsible the corporate competitive strategy group, where he helped shape the go-to-market sales and engineering direction for VCE.

Prior to VCE, Andre was with IBM for 15 years in a variety of roles most notably as the practice leader for IT Strategy & Architecture, Cloud and ITSM/Middleware services. During this role he was part of the team that brought IBM’s first public cloud offering (IBM Smart Business Development & Test Cloud) to market. He also spent time in various sales management and brand management roles.

In addition to studies at University of California San Diego, he currently holds certifications with TOGAF v9, ITIL v3 and VMware.


Cut the Noise!

Welcome to business in the 21st century. Where everyone has something to tell you and something to sell you. The noise is bombarding you from every direction. You can hardly hear yourself think.

What should you believe? Who can you trust? How do you recognize what is genuine? The answer is simple. Trust your instincts. You already know what you want. You just need someone to help you get it.

RoundTower invites you to a 30 minute briefing where we will help you discover what you already know and take action. But first, we have to cut the noise.

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