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RoundTower Technologies Reinventing their Place in IT Business Solutions


In a recent survey by RightScale, internal business units expect no less than near-instant access to cloud services. Among enterprises that offer a self-service cloud portal, 80% can currently provision cloud (public or private) workloads in less than an hour—double the figure of 40%, a year ago. However, a majority of enterprises are still missing critical elements of Cloud Governance, such as a defined portfolio of cloud providers; guidelines for applications that should be moved to the cloud; policies for Cloud Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Disaster Recovery (DR); and basic approval policies. Now that Cloud and DevOps are so intertwined, many organizations use cloud infrastructure as the foundation for building a solid DevOps platform. Some of the automated configuration management tools in this space are Chef, Puppet, Docker, Salt and Ansible. These tie-in with cloud automation tools to automatically deploy infrastructure across clouds that have become extremely effective and central to the function of many organizations.

RoundTower Technologies has built dedicated Service Practices around these area’s to help our clients get the self-service, automation, scale, speed, and availability for their organization to become more efficient and profitable.  We’ve taken a three pronged approach to the complex decisions facing our clients today:

  1. Workload Optimization & Migration – IT leaders need to develop a bi-modal strategy for their workloads.  Traditional steady-state workloads need to be placed in environments that meet critical operational parameters while offering the cost optimization of Internet-as-a-Service (IaaS) models.  Next-Gen Applications need flexible cloud services that meet the needs of these scalable, agile workloads and the accelerated continuous development platforms required to enable their evolution.   RoundTower brings the expertise and tools to help clients develop this strategy and enable the migration.
  2. Cloud & Automation – Whether a client is just embarking on a move to cloud and automation or has already developed a mature approach, RoundTower is focused on delivering capabilities and expertise in the leading technologies to enable clients to design, implement, integrate and optimize these platforms.  RoundTower is invested in technologies from VMware, Cisco, Openstack, Amazon, Microsoft Azure, and others, which support private, hybrid or public cloud architectures.
  3. DevOps – While the transformation to a full DevOps IT approach can be significant, RoundTower is initially focused on helping clients introduce and leverage the leading DevOps oriented tools and platforms as a broader on-ramp to lifecycle overhaul for application development.  Given the crucial fact that these tools have significant cloud awareness and integration, RoundTower’s strategy is to ensure that they align well with the first two prongs of our approach. As a result, we are focused on technologies from Puppet, Chef, Pivotal CloudFoundry, Atlassian, Amazon and Microsoft.

The advent of cloud based computing is reordering the world of information technology but customers can count on RoundTower to help them effectively implement the latest technologies and remain competitive in the ever changing marketplace.

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