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SQL Server Data Domain Boost Scripting Toolkit


Over the past several months I have worked with customers who have been implementing EMC Data Domain Boost for SQL Server. A common challenge for these customers is automating backups and restores using SQL Server tools such as T-SQL, maintenance plans, and agent jobs. I have posted about this previously here but found some organizations still needed additional help getting started. This led me to create the SQL Server Data Domain Boost Scripting Toolkit to provide DBAs with a head start. Currently the toolkit provides T-SQL stored procedures and a table definition to provide additional functionality on top of EMC’s Data Domain Boost for SQL Server. The toolkit is published on GitHub at this address https://github.com/dmuegge/ddb-sql-toolkit. The toolkit is licensed under the MIT open source license agreement. With this post I felt a demo video would provide the most value and you can also find documentation on using the toolkit in the scripts and files included with the toolkit. The video is approximately 24 minutes, Enjoy. The goal of the SQL Server Data Domain Scripting Toolkit is to provide DBAs with a head start to T-SQL scripting and automation using DD Boost for SQL Server which is part of Data Domain Boost for Microsoft Applications. The initial toolkit utilizes the xp_cmdshell system stored procedure in a set of T-SQL stored procedures to execute the DD Boost for SQL executables. I also hope to extend this toolkit in the future with additional options to utilize SQL DD Boost. See the previous post I wrote which led me to create the SQL Server Data Domain Boost Scripting Toolkit. I hope someone finds this toolkit useful. Please provide any feedback and updates to the toolkit. Regards, Dave  

Permission to repost the original article has been granted to RoundTower by their very own SQL Boost backup expert David Muegge. Please feel free to leave comments or question below, but for faster response we recommend navigating over to David's personal blog: http://muegge.com/blog/sql-server-data-domain-boost-scripting-toolkit/
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