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Cloud Repatriation Watch 2018


In the past few years, there has been a massive public cloud exodus.
I reached out to our very own DCI expert, Craig Manahan, to get a better understanding of why customers are looking to pull data and applications back from the public cloud. Lucky for me he was just interviewed by CRN around this exact subject.

According to the CRN article, a recent survey by research firm IDC shows a significant up-tick in migrations from the public cloud back to on-premise - they call this cloud repatriation.

The study shines a light on why many are embarking on cloud repatriation due to cost savings, but the most interesting reason was due to security and or lack of native support for their application stack. Proving that many adopted the public cloud without observing the potential risks involved or if it was the right fit for their use case. On the other side of the coin, many have found cost savings in new cloud-native applications, allowing them to tear down clusters of poorly strung together solutions and pull back dedicated resources.

You can read more about IDC's findings and trends in Craig's interview by CRN senior associate editor, Mark Haranas:

Businesses Moving From Public Cloud Due To Security, Says IDC Survey


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