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3 Reasons Why You’re Going to Want Neutrino Nodes for OpenStack


Well, it is Monday and EMC world is off to a fast and furious start. The keynote was on point as usual. It was announced that Joe Tucci was going to step down and this would be his last year. Michael Dell then took the stage and spoke about the modernization of data centers. This year at EMC World is a little different for me as I have never attended from the partner side. So, I have decided to cover Hyper-converged, which is presently a hot topic. There are several sessions on Hyper-Converged and where EMC/VCE are headed in the market. I am going to focus on VxRack Neutrino—the open stack offering.

The VxRack platform released early this year is going to get a new addition to the line. VCE/EMC announced Neutrino Nodes. Customers are trying to get to cloud-native infrastructure but it has been a difficult process for them.

Here are a few pain points they were talking about:

  1. They like OpenStack but lack the skillsets or they are hard to find.
  2. The technology moves too fast for them to keep up from the enterprise.
  3. How do you manage multiple stacks and with what tools?

VCE/EMC came to market with the rack-scale infrastructure, management, and tools to solve these issues. The Neutrino Nodes are only focused on cloud-native use cases.

Use Case 1 shows the OpenStack:

This second photo shows the graphical interface of the product.

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