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Past, Present and Future

RoundTower – Past, Present and Future

By Kurtis Lindemann, VP Systems Engineering October 1, 2012

RoundTower is launching our new web site today. Our team has put quite a bit of effort into the re-design and we hope that you like it. We have come a long way since we started in 2007. We started as two guys in a shared office suite with a focus on assessing, designing, procuring and implementing data protection, data storage and virtualization solutions. Now, well into our sixth year of business, we are over seventy strong and have added managed services along with security, networking and compute to our list of solutions. People often ask how we have been able to grow so fast in an economy that has been anything but predictable and stable over the last 6 years. Our success has largely been due to our focus on specific solution sets, along with the quality of talent we have been able to recruit to support our efforts. We have been helped by the fact that we have focused on areas that have and will continue to grow even in an unstable economy. We have seen that the rate of content creation has accelerated, increasing the demands for data storage. De-duplication is no longer a nice-to-have feature, but is a requirement to reduce the overall data footprint. The requirements for computing resources to process and maintain that data have increased, but the datacenter space available to do so has not, driving the adoption of server virtualization and high-density compute farms. Data security has long been important to financial services and healthcare organizations but more of and after-thought in other organizations. Migration to the cloud has helped bring the importance of security front and center for more organizations. To put it another way, none of the areas that we are focused on have been shrinking in demand. I would think that most readers would find it hard to disagree with the logic outlined above. Everyone is experiencing this type of demand growth. All of that logic aside, if we didn’t have the right talent on staff, we could not have executed on the opportunity. The main thing that sold me on being the first employee of RoundTower was the vision of the founders (Steve West and Steve Power). That vision that we continue to execute on every day; to provide a high degree of technical value to our customers. There aren’t too many VARs out there today that remember that the V in VAR stands for Value. RoundTower has been successful because we have been laser focused on a few key areas and add a ton of value for our customers in those areas. If it were not for the creativity and tenacity of our talented staff, we would not be where we are today. Looking forward, I see quite a bit to be excited about. There appears to be no slow-down in the amount of data that is going to be created and that it’s going to need to be protected, secured and kept in the smallest footprint possible. We are going to see the technology that people use to support that growth change drastically over the next 5 years. We are going to see flash become affordable and mainstream in that time. Part of what is going to drive that adoption is de-duplication on primary storage being the equivalent of what snapshots are today; if you don’t have it, you aren’t going to be around. We will observe people migrating big piles of their content to the cloud to reduce their datacenter footprint, and management costs associated with it. Enterprise data protection is going to change from simple ‘backup and recovery’ to a nearly instant/on-demand model that looks more like disaster recovery today and integrates with primary storage and the cloud. Enterprise security will become an absolute requirement and people are going to have a tough time finding the right people to help. RoundTower is going to be on the leading edge helping our customers adapt to this continually changing IT landscape. The first 5 years at RoundTower have been a great ride, and I expect the next 5 to be just as thrilling. I would like to thank all of our customers for their loyalty and support. I would like to thank all of our talented staff for making RoundTower a success. I am excited about what the future holds and continuing to work with all of you as we move forward.
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