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Risky Quantum Computers, Cyber Mafia, Breach Response Plans, Bitcoin Energy Crisis, and Happy Birthday SMS


Cut the NOISE!: Weekly Edition is our latest podcast  that provides a weekly digest of items that are at the top of mind of IT Professionals. This week, we will cover 5 topics and a few updates from last weeks podcast that you can easily consume on your ride to work. We have also posted links to all of the supporting articles so you can dig in and read more on the topics that you find most interesting.

CTN: Weekly Edition - December 11, 2017

This week we are going to cover:
  • Quantum Computers are being deemed as Security Risks by Experts
  • Ransomware Incidents are up by nearly 2000% in 2 years and being used by the new "Cyber Mafia" as a Hit Business.
  • Most Retailers haven't tested their Breach Response Plans even as the number incidents continues to rise.
  • Bitcoin Mining is guzzling energy as its carbon footprint continues to grow
  • A look back at the history of Text Messaging, which turned 25 years old last week.
And we'll cover a follow-up to a recent story about the Uber Hacking incident and how they justified covering their tracks with the man found to be responsible.

Quantum Computer Deemed Security Risk by Experts

Ramsomware up nearly 2000% in two years as a new "cyber mafia" hit business

Most Retailers Haven't fully Tested their Breach Response Plans

Bitcoin Mining Guzzles Energy - and its Carbon Footprint keeps Growing

Texting is 25 years old


Uber Hacker was 20 year old Florida Man https://venturebeat.com/2017/12/07/uber-hacker-was-20-year-old-florida-man/amp/
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