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Weekly Tech Roundup


Cut the NOISE!: Weekly Edition pilot is over! So sad. We've been hard at work on new programming and content for "Cut the Noise" in 2018  and based on its success, decided to move Weekly edition to its own channel. You can find the new podcast called  "Weekly Tech RoundUP" on iTunes, SoundCloud, Sticher and Google Play. 

In case you missed it, Cut the NOISE!: Weekly Edition was created to provide a weekly digest of items that are at the top of mind of IT Professionals. Every week we covered the top five topics that stuck out from the previous week (like Last Week Tonight but only nerder) and wrapped it in a simple podcast thats easily consumed on your ride to work. Weekly Tech RoundUP will continue were CTN: Weekly Edition left off but now with an extra dose of nerd-geekery. 

Welcome to "Weekly Tech Roundup"

Your weekly digest of items that are at the top of mind of IT Professionals. This week, we will cover 6 topics that are easily consumed on your ride to work. We have also posted links to all of the supporting articles so you can dig in and read more on the topics that you find most interesting.

Our stories this week include:
  • Apple Announces Fix for Slowdown Issue
  • Microsoft AI Draws Images from Detailed Text
  • Twitter Alerts nearly 700,000 Users they may have been duped by Russian Hackers
  • 15 Year Old posed as CIA Chief to Hack Highly Sensitive Information
  • Bitcoin Fluctuations are too much even for ransomware Cybercriminals
  • Amazon Opens an Automated "Grocery Store of the Future"
  • Fun One - How not to conduct an interview.


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