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What does digital transformation, the NSA, iPhones, Equifax, and tin foil hats have in common?


You'd already know the answer if you listened to our new podcast - CTN: Weekly Edition. Our goal for this podcast is to provide a weekly digest of items that are at the top of mind of IT Professionals. Each week, we will cover 5 to 6 topics that you can easily consume on your ride to work. We'll also post links to all of the supporting articles so you can dig in and read more on the topics that you find most interesting.

Without further fluff - here is our first full episode.

CTN: Weekly Edition - November 13, 2017

Today we're going to cover:

  • How CIOs are admitting that their digital transformation strategies aren't going as planned.
  • How hackers are making the NSA's job of finding and keeping secrets more difficult by stealing their tools.
  • Hackers have found a way to exploit the new Iphone's facial recognition software.
  • Equifax's CEO doesn't know if their data is encrypted.
  • How to improve your wi-fi signal using tin-foil.


CIO's Admitting that Digital Transformation Strategies will not be fully realized


Security Breach and Spilled Secrets have Shaken N.S.A to Its Core


Hackers Say they've broken face ID a Week after iPhone X release


Following Equifax breach, CEO doesn't know if data is encrypted


You can use aluminum foil to strengthen your Wi-Fi Signal

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