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Delta Bravo and Machine Learning


RoundTower is continually looking to enhance the services and offerings we bring to our clients, and Delta Bravo is no exception. 

I was introduced to Delta Bravo through a mutual friend of the CEO's. My friend said they were using AI and machine learning to help clients improve their enterprise data services and I immediately became skeptical. Every tool in the market today claims it uses AI and machine learning, so this was one of those "I will believe it when I see it" moments. But I was quickly turned into a believer from the first demo. In seconds, Delta Bravo was able to identify issues that impacted a database’s ability to perform safely and cost-effectively. By remediating these issues, you can deliver improved security and performance levels, or even move applications to Azure at a lower ongoing cost.

When I first saw the results, I was blown away by how easy it was to see and implement the discovered recommendations and resolutions. Delta Bravo summarized thousands of performance counters and transactions across as many SQL Servers as we could throw at it, and every recommendation brought better performance or insight from the databases underneath.

Working together with Delta Bravo, RoundTower can deliver a highly differentiated and strategic service to the enterprise. Our partnership with Delta Bravo has allowed us to solve complex SQL issues for our clients and drive down the costs of maintenance and cloud migrations. The intelligence the tool brings has truly helped understand the real cost of moving databases to the cloud, and providing technical insights based off deep analytics of performance and configuration issues. Recommendations from Delta Bravo are prioritized by impact and we have seen single high priority changes reduce performance loads by up to 80%.

Born from a need to manage and scale tens of thousands of SQL databases around the globe, Delta Bravo uses its intelligence to digest millions of data points and bring forward the most relevant and critical recommendations for improvement across your data platforms. Critical improvements can be anything from performance problem resolutions, to security hardening, to data insights that can help unlock the valuable data hidden across your environment. On the first page of the interface you see the most critical items that will have the biggest impact on your data environment and are provided with detailed steps on how to resolve or improve any of the discoveries.

SQL Server and data services management is a big task and there are thousands of things that need to be done to properly secure, scale, and maintain them. As our datasets grow and as new features and functions are added to the underlying data platforms, Delta Bravo brings the insights of the world’s best database administrators right to your front door allowing you to continue to focus on leveraging the value of the data and even helping you discover ways to do so. 

What Is the Delta Bravo AI Platform?

Delta Bravo uses predictive analytics, machine learning and AI to improve database security, capacity planning and performance. Core capabilities include:

  • Predicting database performance and security problems up to 30 days before they happen- and providing specific guidance for resolving these issues
  • Instantly identifying compliance violations and providing instructions for remediation
  • Forecasting system resource use and identifying optimizations that increase efficiency and reduce overall system cost

The result is better performing, more secure and cost-effective core applications. Contact your RoundTower representative to schedule a demo in your environment today.

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