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Hasta la vista, vCenter on Windows


With a complete web client overhaul and numerous features added to the latest version of the vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA), released with vSphere 6.5, VMware plans to deprecate vCenter Server for Windows with the next numbered release.

Since being introduced with the release of vSphere 5.0, the vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) has evolved to become the definitive deployment model for vCenter Server. Now the crown jewel of VMware's latest release of vSphere, the vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) packs a punch with some exclusive and impressive toolsets to help centralize management. Such as file-based backup and restore, unified update and patching, and native vCenter High Availability.

Simply put: if you're not deploying with VCSA, you’re making things harder than they should be. The updated appliance provides support for the entire vCenter Server stack, including the underlying operating system (Photon OS) and database (vPostgres), and streamlines updates, security patches, and VMware support. 

Now is a perfect time to upgrade to vSphere! Our clients and experts alike have had overwhelmingly positive reactions to the 6.5 versions of vSphere and VCSA. Expressing how much better it is compared to its counterpart, vCenter Server for Windows. The latest release of vSphere, allows our clients to run, manage, connect, and secure applications in a common operating environment, across clouds and devices. Focus on workloads and applications rather than the infrastructure.

Those who have not yet migrated to the VCSA should start planning their migrations as soon as possible. The next numbered release of vSphere will be the final release for vCenter Server for Windows. vCenter Server for Windows will not be available after the next release.

Need Help with the Migration?

Don’t panic! VMware has provided a migration tool to help with the migration from vCenter Server for Windows to the VCSA during your next upgrade cycle. There is also an entire team of VMware experts and engineers here at RoundTower who are chomping at the bit to help you migrate to vSphere 6.5. In most cases, there are exclusive cost-savings options available only from RoundTower (whether you're a current client or not).

RoundTower is the first VMware on AWS Partner, the first VMware Cloud Foundation Delivery, and the only US partner with 7 VCDXs and multiple VMware EUC Champions with all VMware competencies. RoundTower is one of the leading VMware experts in the industry, hands down! 

Still not sold on why you should migrate to vSphere 6.5?
Check out a few of our testimonials, white papers, and infographics.


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