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More from Dell Technologies World 2018


The transition is complete. As a veteran of the past EMC World Conferences I was conflicted on how Dell would handle its first conference as the owner of the EMC portfolio. I quickly realized the entire conference still had its value. From top of the line products which EMC already positioned in the market to their now in-family ex-competitors, it was all presented with efficiency and class.

The RoundTower experience as always was top-notch. Our own marketing team winning awards was a bonus. With the leadership of our own marketing director, RoundTower received the 2018 Dell EMC Marketing Excellence Award for achieving outstanding results and demonstrating commitment to Dell EMC and customers. The RoundTower team entertained customers, met with High level Dell staff, and presented Executive briefings to clients while simultaneously building on the relationships we already have in house.




All in all, the experience is always a positive one. The value from bridging relationships while touching on so many Dell products with deep dives and hands on labs carries an immense value. To be able to meet your partners, manufacturer, and customers in the span of a few weeks will help any attendee success over the following year.

The biggest announcement in my opinion was the new PowerMax. It is taking the helm as the next generation VMAX. Now diving into the world of NVMe, the PowerMax will be the fastest storage array out in the market today. It brings several features any enterprise company can use. Just a few of those features are -

  • D@Re for protecting your data with Encryption
  • SRDF – the gold standard in remote replication
  • PowerMaxOS – optimized for next generation media
  • Space Efficiency – Dedupe and Compression promising 3:1 ratios
  • 10 Mullion IOPS with 150GB per second of bandwidth
  • support for storage class memory (SCM)
  • SnapVX – zero-impact local snapshots

As a backbone to the hardware, PowerMax OS has a machine learning feature which will analyze and forecast 40 million data sets per array that drive over 6 bullion decisions per day. Using predictive analytics and pattern recognition to reduce management overhead and maximize performance. No other array in the market today can offer this. SnapVX (the in-house snapshot technology) can easily provide a development/Test/Dev environment without increasing the capacity being used on the array.

With an immense number of features, known reliability, and extreme performance, competitors
will have to bring their “A” game to fight off such a potent array.

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