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A blog is a horrible thing to waste - so, please read on.

Serverless in the Google Cloud with Firebase & Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Platform’s best kept secret! Firebase provides a lot of awesome development services while adding new triggers to Google Cloud Functions.
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Weekly Tech Roundup

CTN: Weekly Edition is dead! Check out the new kid - Weekly Tech RoundUP, now with an extra dose of nerd-geekery. #Finesse
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How to Install and Setup an Nvidia Tesla M10

Most power users see the Nvidia Grid guides as a horrible game of Where's Waldo! Here's a walkthrough on how to setup the license server, VM, and ESXi host.
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How to Setup Smart Check with Citrix Cloud

Video walkthrough: Learn how to setup and configure the Smart Tools agent, build a site in Citrix Smart Tools, and look at configuration options.
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ShareFile and Azure AD-The Setup

Thinking about using Azure AD for authentication & user management for your Citrix's ShareFile? Here are few simple steps to get you started!
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Native Kubernetes Services with Amazon EKS

Managed Kubernetes has definitely been picking up steam on public cloud. For a while AWS was the odd one out by only offering container services with ECS, until now.
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Risky Quantum Computers, Cyber Mafia, Breach Response Plans, Bitcoin Energy Crisis, and Happy Birthday SMS

Week 5: Quantum Computing is Risky Business, Cyber Mafia: Meet the Family, Retailers BR Plans: Not Fully Operational, and Bitcoin Mining Guzzles Energy
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Ragtime, Malware, Hole in Apple Security, AWS Full Metal Jacket, Teen Smart Addiction, and Laser Cannons

Week 4: NSA leaks Ragtime, MS Office is sick, hole in Apple security, AWS goes Full Metal Jacket, Teen smart addiction, and Lockheed makes laser cannons
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Net Neutrality, Secret AWS, VMware on Azure, Flaws in our Chips, and Uber breach

Weekly Edition- Week 3: We cover the growing issues behind Net Neutrality, Secret AWS regions, Cloud Wars -VMware on Azure, Intels Flaws, and Uber breach
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