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Predicting the highest-yielding corn seeds from more than 30,000 genetic possibilities

Companies often generate more data than they can assimilate themselves. This leaves them feeling overloaded, a little bit stressed, and unsure of where to put their attention to obtain the best results.

Working with Becks, from our perspective, is a matter of trying to help answer the question that is at the heart of their business. How do you select the best hybrid?

Leveraging Fast Answers, for a company like Beck's, is a huge competitive advantage. A critical process that used to take them 4-6 weeks to determine a conclusion can now be completed within hours.




Here is what a Becks representative and RoundTower staff associated with the account have to say.

Keith Rufener, Corn Breeder, Becks Hybrids

I'm Keith Rufener, I'm a corn breeder, a geneticist here at Beck's.

My job is to develop new high-performance hybrids for Beck's to sell in the marketplace. So, as a geneticist, I build the engine of the commercial hybrids that go to the farmer's field. What I'd like to have is very high yield, performing stably across years.

I think Fast Answers was a great option for us, because we've hit a point in time where we can generate more data than we can efficiently accumulate and understand. 

Jay Schuren, Dir. of Data Science, Nutonian

Fast Answers is incredibly easy to get started. It is a hybrid combination of hardware provided by RoundTower and modeling A.I. software provided by Nutonian. We blend these together in an appliance, it shows up on-site, you plug it into the wall and you’re up and running and getting real business value within hours. 

Aaron Tulledge, AE, RoundTower Technologies

Customers are using Fast Answers because they have massive amounts of data and they're trying to gain relevance out of that data, trying to use that information that they’ve stored collected, protected for years, to help make an educated, unbiased decision. 

Jay Schuren

Becks invests a lot into the future. They run large scale breeding programs that take years, and as they’re doing that, they’re exploring thousands of different hybrids. The key question is which hybrids should they promote to the next round that eventually makes its way to the field. And the key piece is, can we determine if this the best hybrid because it’s in the best location, or is it truly the genetic makeup that’s driving that outcome?

Keith Rufener


Before Fast Answers, we analyzed a lot of our data ourselves, or else we had cooperative help from the outside, but we never really got through all of it. This product allows us to put that data in, assimilate it quickly and it gives us a solution that is simple and straight forward to find the best one. We’re looking for a needle in a haystack, that one or two hybrids out of a program that maintains itself over the years as the best, most stable performing hybrid, good enough to go to our customer, the farmer.

This product allows us to put that data in, assimilate it quickly, and it gives a solution that's simple and straightforward to find the best one. So our job is literally, we're looking for a needle in a haystack that one or two hybrids out of a program that over the years maintains itself as the best, most stable-performing hybrid that is good enough to go to our customer, the farmer.

Aaron Tulledge 

Companies are currently facing challenges where there's not enough DS's to meet the demands that are currently there. That being said, what we've found is that even if you put a data scientist in this situation, they still need the domain expertise. So, for Eureqa, giving someone with that domain knowledge this tool has been insanely beneficial because they can act as a data scientist leveraging their domain expertise.

Keith Rufener 


I think Fast Answers is going to be a huge tool and understanding what our customers need and how we can serve them better. On the research side again, tackling the challenges of massive data and the second-generation questions that keep us at the forefront of research and science.


In my program, I have like 5 or 6 projects, and these are projects where I want to start looking at responses and shifts at the DNA level. Where you can take literally millions of bytes of A's, C's, T's and Gs at the DNA level, and start to look at how those behave in populations across years and environments, and to be able to capitalize on that in my breeding work.

We play a numbers game – probabilities – and the ability to increase the level of probability through prediction is how we stay competitive in the marketplace. So performance prediction is basically what I do, and this is a tool that allows me to help push those numbers more in my direction.

Jay Schuren


At the end of the day, the business drivers for looking into a solution like Fast Answers are the bottom line. Instead of just focusing on storing your data and carrying it over time, we’re changing gears and pulling out actionable, meaningful results that will enable the next round of strategy.





RoundTower Technologies and Nutonian have partnered to deliver the industry’s leading data science solution, Fast Answers Powered by Eureqa.
This collaboration brings together Nutonian’s industry leading expertise in data science and machine learning with RoundTower’s capabilities in delivering data analytics platforms.

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