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Recap: Microsoft Inspire 2018


The RoundTower team just got back from Microsoft Inspire 2018, which is Microsoft’s annual conference held for the Microsoft partner community. We had the opportunity to meet with Microsoft leadership and product teams, as well as catch up with many of our other great partners like Citrix, Liquidware, Delta Bravo, Equinix, Nasuni, and more – all focused around growing the solutions within the Microsoft ecosystem that RoundTower can bring to our clients. Writing this blog on the plane back, I can say I definitely left inspired! My goal for this post is to give a glimpse into the great solutions we saw – all of which we at RoundTower are working diligently to bring to our customers to drive business impact through technology.

When first entering The Commons – the name of the conference expo hall – we were greeted with an interactive walkthrough of how Microsoft is using the Intelligent Cloud and Intelligence Edge in the real world: in this case, how farmers are preparing to handle the increased demand on the global food supply as the population grows. By walking through how farmers are able to use things like soil sensors to take measurements at scale and adjust rapidly, as well as how drones are able to provide functionality that required planes and pilots before more easily, it was a great showcase of how IoT and the Cloud can enable productivity that is not just a nice-to-have but a requirement for our communities in the future to meet demand. On the topic of IoT, the RoundTower team was also invited to the exclusive “IoT In Action” reception based on the work we have been doing in IoT alongside Microsoft – it was great to see the passion of Microsoft’s teams on IoT there as well as to mingle with the product managers that are directly responsible for these solutions – so much so that we were even able to have technical discussions around customer challenges and get partnership from the product teams on some edge cases – that type of relationship with Microsoft is why RoundTower is so well prepared to help our customers with Microsoft solutions.

Moving back into the Cloud, the content around Azure was spectacular as well. One thing we at RoundTower focus on when we talk about Cloud to our customers is that the value of the Cloud is the services made available at your fingertips – quite simply, it’s about the portfolio of solutions made readily available for more than just moving your workloads into another data center even if it’s great infrastructure. On that topic, it was great to see customer panels by folks like Carlsberg Brewing Company from Denmark and how they are leveraging Azure Machine Learning to better predict and monitor the flavor of their beer and even develop bots for employees and distributors using Azure’s Cognitive Services – all things enabled by the powerful services available easily through the Cloud.

Diving into the End User Computing space, the development Microsoft is doing around Remote Desktop Services especially in regards to RDmi (Remote Desktop Modern Infrastructure) is really spectacular; they are really revamping the solution to be a better Cloud experience. Meeting with our Citrix partner team at Inspire was great as well – we are seeing tremendous traction around Citrix Cloud with workloads both in the Cloud and On-Premises enabled seamlessly by Citrix. For anyone that has followed Citrix, they know the partnership between Microsoft and Citrix is strong and remains so; as a Microsoft Gold Partner and a Citrix Gold Partner, RoundTower has tremendous skills to help with this integration on both sides. We also met with Liquidware, who has is really innovating in the EUC space alongside the aforementioned partners, with features like the ability to use Cloud Object Storage as profile and layering repositories as well as lots of other great Cloud-enabling functionality – if you haven’t seen the latest releases from Liquidware, the RoundTower lab has them deployed and ready.

There was so much more at Inspire that we’d love to share, so if you’re interested in a recap of anything from AzureStack to Azure IoT to Microsoft 365 or anything in between, please let your account team know and we’d be thrilled to have an engineer out to dive deeper! In closing, thank you to Microsoft for a great conference!
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