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Splunk Makes March a Little Less Mad in 2017

So, how did you do on your March Madness brackets? Are you walking around with a smile and gloating or are you eating humble pie?

This year, during our Holy Day of Obligation event, RoundTower held our own March Madness challenge, led by Senior Splunk Consulting Systems Engineer, Steve Peck. Participants had an opportunity to win a $100 Amazon gift card if they could predict the total number of points from tip-off to 2:00 PM, from tip-off to 4:00 PM, or from tip-off to 6:00 PM, on Thursday March 16th.

Predicting the exact number of points is a little more difficult than creating brackets or choosing winners. Even being able to count the points at a specific time is all but impossible for a human being but it’s easy for Splunk, the world’s foremost software for collecting and analyzing machine data. As challenge participants were trying to predict point totals, Splunk was used to gather and tally the data from NCAA and CBS affiliate sites and provide the correct figure at the appointed times so that winners could be determined. Splunk can also be used to draw conclusions from data patterns. The chance of correctly picking the winners for all 68 games is one in 9.2 quintillion. Even Splunk cannot beat those odds. However, if it were enabled to digest some portion of the tournament scores, it could project with mathematical probability who is likely to win a particular game, probably more consistently then the most avid sports fan.

Although Splunk can be used to assess and analyze almost any source, it is generally used to examine business data in the form of user transactions, customer behavior, device performance, security threats, fraudulent activity and so on—all to facilitate better decision making. This is invaluable to companies because in business, as in sports, having the correct information at precisely the right moment can make the difference between success or failure. So, the most important question is not who came out on top in March Madness right now but whether your organization is going meet its goals in the future. Splunk can help assure that it does by providing timely operational intelligence that fuels winning decisions.

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